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Тема: penfriends
Автор: Vladimir  E-mail: EMAIL
Hello all British (and not only them) people! I am 16 years old. I live in a town not far from Moscow. Writing stories, learning new things are two of my best-beloved hobbies, I dare say. I am a correspondent of the school's newspaper and also that of the town (there's an addition to the town's paper where every youngster can write). I think I'll enter the MSU's (or any other, should I fail) linguistic or journalistic faculty in future. If anyone is interested in sharing his or hers points of view and thoughts and cooperating, write to me!

09/01/04 17:45    

Тема: Re:female penfriends
Автор: keith  E-mail:
I am an English male of 53 from London... UK .....and am a composer .....poet .....and private teacher. I am seeking..... educated, cultured, creative females.

24/03/04 17:20    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Veronika  E-mail:
I'm 17 years old.I want to find penfriend from Finland. As for me, i'm from Belarus. Hei guys (17-24 years old). I'm waiting for your letter!

20/04/04 17:26    

Тема: Re: penfriends Write To me!!
Автор: BAHADIR ЮAHЭN  E-mail:
Write To me!!!

14/05/04 14:37    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Lena  E-mail:
It's just interesting to me will somebody write me or not?

15/05/04 16:38    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Yulya  E-mail:
My name is Yulya.I am 21 yo.I am from St- Petersburg.I am looking for penfriend from Finland who is interested in rock music especialy Gothic.I will wait your answer!

04/06/04 21:14    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Isroil  E-mail:

07/06/04 10:39    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: tatyana gill  E-mail:
hello from England. i am 39 and i am married with one kid. i would like to have penfriends from different countries

22/06/04 00:42    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: bara  E-mail:
I cant speak Russian so I am little confused, I hope this is ad for penfriends. I am interested in Russia and so on. If you are around my age write me. I am 16. I am from Czech republic. BYe

23/06/04 12:38    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Anya  E-mail:
Hi!!!I study English & want to improve it by writing letters in English. I'm eager to have A LOT of penfriends. PLEAAAASE write to me. I'll be glad to answer!!!!!!!

06/07/04 18:49    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Mary K.  E-mail:
Hello!My name is Mary.I'd like to correspondent with people all over the world.
I like art,phychology,history,cinema,reading books.
I'd like to know different customs and traditions of different countries.

15/10/04 18:06    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: anastasia  E-mail:
Hi! i am 16 and i am from Surgut, Russia. i very like reading different books and travelling and i am also a great fan of x-men. sorry if my english is not very good but i have nothing real friends in Russia. maybe you'll become my penfriend?

11/11/04 13:50    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Yuliya(mad_angel)  E-mail:
All greetings!

Very much want to find the English-speaking friend:)) and not one)) I from Moscow to me of 18 years, I work and I study... It is a lot of hobbies, even too, but unfortunately there is no on them time: ((.. Write to me! .foto necessarily I shall send at correspondence (if you want)... Thank for attention
Yours faithfully Julia

12/11/04 02:47    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Lena Yusupova  E-mail:
Hi, everyone! How are you felling today? :) I’m looking for a penfriend from any English-speaking country (but if you know English or Russian and don’t live in English-speaking country you are welcome too). :) My motto is “Don’t worry – be happy!”
I want to make a good teacher (in spite of the fact that it is not a well-paid job and it takes a lot of time). I worked as a leader in a children’s camp last summer and I’m going to work there again. I’m fond of reading. My favourite writers are J.R. R. Tolkien, Charlotte and Ann Bronte, Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carrol, London Jack, Bradbury Ray, Turgenev, Dostoevski and others.
I like books and films which make me think. My favourite films are “Back to the future 1, 2, 3”, “What dreams may come”, “Interstate 60”, “The Lord of the Rings’ and a lot of good Russian films. I like to listen to Metallica, Queen, Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Beatles, Aria and some others. To my mind communicating with different people is the most interesting thing and I want to have friends from different countries :). One of my hobbies is drawing portraits of people :) I also like to make photos with the help of Photoimpression. Do you want to have a nice photo? :) Write to me then! :) If you want to speak about your troubles, successes or thoughts about people and life write to me too! If you are a kind person who has a lot of thoughts you are welcome! I would be very glad to receive a letter from U! :) I promise to answer all your letters!

25/04/05 11:46    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: michele  E-mail:
hello!i'm from small town near Moscow!my name is MIcHEL.i'm 16 years old.i now it so little for you but i found only your name!

03/02/06 16:35    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Valya  E-mail:
Hi everybody! My name`s Valya, i`m 18 and from Saint Petersburg! If you want to know more write me. See you : ))

10/02/06 15:21    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Olga  E-mail:
Hi! I'm easy-going friendly girl. I live in Moscow, I'm interested in a lot of different things. I would like to have a penfriend from England. Write to me. C u.=) ICQ 268069229

29/03/06 17:31    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Alina  E-mail:
Hi, my name is Alina. I'm 15 years old. I'm living in New York City. But, I was born in Belarus, Pinsk. I'm speak very good Russian and a little English. I want to find very good PenFriend.

22/04/06 05:23    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: КАТЯ  E-mail:

23/05/06 20:13    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Gwen  E-mail:
Hey, i am Gwen. I am from Belgium. I really want to find a penfriend from England. I am 19 years old and i like reading, drawning and going out. Please write to me!!!!

17/06/06 20:26    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: tiziana  E-mail:
I'm an italian girl,I come from rome a beautiful city!!!!!!I'm 13 years old and I'd like to correspondant with english girls
my hobbies are reading,swimming and listening to the music
please write to me!!!!!

27/08/06 16:08    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: hey  E-mail:
hi im from the island of malta i want a penfriend of my age im 30 yrs old i wish to make friend with a halfcast lady or black girl if possible pls .but sexy girls are welcome

06/09/06 02:02    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: olga  E-mail:
Hi! My name is OLGA.I'm from Russia. I'm 27.I wish to find an interesting, optimistic, clever man with a sense of humour!

18/09/06 11:34    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Asya  E-mail:
Hey! I am 15 years old. My hobby is listening to music. I like to play volleyball, badminton and sometimes football. Write me!!! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

20/09/06 17:27    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Asya  E-mail:
Hey! I am 15 years old. My hobby is listening to music. I like to play volleyball, badminton and sometimes football. Write me!!! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

20/09/06 17:28    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Alex Grey  E-mail:
Howdy!!!! My name's Alex and I'm 23 and I want to find penfriends who can help me to improve my English.And I'd like to now more about different countries.Let's try to talk!!!

30/09/06 17:51    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Rosy medley  E-mail:
Hi !

Im rosy from mauritius and im a student..
im looking for a good & nice friend from any countries !

do email me if u think u are the appropriate friend !

16/11/06 10:01    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Ruta  E-mail:
Hello! I'm looking for nice and interesting penfriends in all over the world! I'm from Latvia and I like nature, animals, long letters, traveling, art and different cultures, to spend my time with friends, etc... write me an e-mail, if you are looking for a true friend!

15/12/06 22:16    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: форум  E-mail:
Какие урюки сюда только постят

15/12/06 23:19    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Mauro  E-mail:
Hello, my name's Mauro, I'm Italian, I'm 39 years old. I'm single. I compose music. I'm searching for girlfriends in all the world. I speak Spanish, Italian and a little English.

05/01/07 15:41    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: CHRISTINE  E-mail:
Hello! my name is Christine, I'm 18 and I'm looking for penpals from all over the world! I'm from Belarus and I speak English, Belarusian? Russian and a little German. Im active, friendly, I love foreign languages, music and travelling. I hope there are a lot of topics to discuss! Let's write to each other! I'm looking forward to your letters!!!!!

06/01/07 15:07    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Christine Zhurbenko  E-mail:
Hello! my name is Christine, I'm 18 and I'm looking for penpals from all over the world! I'm from Belarus and I speak English, Belarusian? Russian and a little German. Im active, friendly, I love foreign languages, music and travelling. I hope there are a lot of topics to discuss! Let's write to each other! I'm looking forward to your letters!!!!!

06/01/07 15:09    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Lidia  E-mail:
hello,everybody! merry christmas! I'm over 50 and I'm looking for a penfriend to practise English and share interests.I'd be happy to get a letter from any country!

07/01/07 21:25    

Тема: penfriends
Автор: Veronika  E-mail:
Hi! My name is Veronika and I am 12. I am from Russia. I’d like to have penfriends around the world, especially from the USA and Great Britain, because I’m fond of studying English. I like making new friends. I’m a professional dancer, also I can play the piano well. Feel free to write me, I’ll answer to everyone definitely. My e-mail is

08/06/07 23:12    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Albina Skripalenko  E-mail:
HELLO every one!!! My name is Albina I'm 12 yrs old I'm from Russia but now I live in New Zealand I came to New Zealand 8 month ago I'm looking forward to find a penfriend.

22/06/07 11:19    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Mary Kuzina  E-mail:
Hi! My name is Masha and I am 14. I am from Russia. I’d like to have penfriends around the world. I like making new friends.

13/10/07 18:34    

Тема: Leeds leeds leeds leeds
Автор: KOLLAPSAR  E-mail:
I'm just a cool guy. Can chat about anything and everything that's interesting. Got a great sense of humour and appreciate others with the same. Well and i want to find someone at leeds who wants learn russian

24/11/07 06:44    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Julia  E-mail:
Hi my name is Yulia. Im 14 years old. I am from Moscow one of the most beautifull cities! I am looking for penfriends from whole world. I can speak English and French a little. I am waiting for your letters! Bye!

26/11/07 00:39    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: hafez haiqal mohammad  E-mail:
Hallo my name Hafez Haiqal came from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm 29 years old. I'm looking for penfriends from whole world. I can speak english a little. You can sent messages to my callular +6281310988278. I am waiting for you letters. OK!!

04/12/07 20:24    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Yulia  E-mail:
Hi,everybody.My name is Yulia,i'm from Russia.Lets tolk about hobbies.

24/01/08 07:16    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: natasha  E-mail:
hi people i need your help

24/01/08 07:24    

Тема: Finding a friend
Автор: Sophie  E-mail:
Hey, everybody!!! I am 16-year-old girl from the little town of Belarus with romantic name Lida. I'd like to find friends from any english-speaking countries. Practically I'm interested in a bit of everything in the world. Especially I'm fond of music (i like listen to it, sing and play the piano), i like reading, i'm a correspondent of school's newspaper, i like studying foreign languages, painting etc. So find a moment and write to me. I'll be waiting!!! ))))

09/02/08 01:08    

Тема: I find a penfriend
Автор: Stam  E-mail:
Hi everobody!
I'am a cool boy from Russia. I'am 13. I find a penfriend. Write me, please!

18/03/08 15:08    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Misha  E-mail:
Hello, my future penfriend! My name's Misha. I'm 31. I live in Tbilisi , in Georgia. I'm looking for a penfriend in Great Britain to practise English and share interests. My E-mail is

22/03/08 09:34    

Тема: Re: penfriends
Автор: Andrew  E-mail:
Hello!My name is Andrew,I'm16 and I'm from Belarus.I'm going to find some penfriends to comunicate with them by email,or,maybe by ICQ or smth else.So,write me please,I'll be waiting.

09/05/08 02:33    

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